Riverdale: An Archie Comics Adaptation (2017)

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The town of Riverdale brings back memories from childhood… well, CW’s adaptation of Riverdale from the memorable Archie Comics is a whole new kind of Teenage Drama. It grips you right from the first episode. Definitely a must watch teenage drama tv show!
Riverdale has been one of the most awaited show this year and the first season is finally out. It brings to life all the lovable characters: Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Cheryl Blossom, Jason Blossom (er, sort of), Reggie, Moose and all the parents. There is, of course, a Dahl-esque twist to this must watch TV show that sets it apart from the original; the characters in the episodes are a shade or two or three or more, in some cases (no one’s reached upto fifty yet…) darker than the characters in the comics.
Twenty-five minutes into the TV show (in the 1st episode itself!)  and it is established that Betty Cooper’s mother Alice Cooper is an awful woman full of bitterness, Archie Andrews is indulging in some inappropriateness, Betty Cooper isn’t perfect, Veronica Lodge is nice, and Jughead is the only one with his head in place . And also that Fred Cooper and Hermione Lodge used to date, and she let him go for “the guy with more money” (ahem, Gossip Girl vibes anyone?). All in all, the characters (and cast) in Riverdale as a teenage drama TV show resemble the characters from the Archie Comics; definitely, a must watch teenage drama tv show!
KJ Apa as Archie Andrews and Cole Sprouse as Jughead are the highlights of the cast. KJ (as Archie Andrews) is a pleasing sight to the eye, perfectly carrying himself as a dark version of the goofball Archie. Replacing Jughead’s crown with a beanie was a great idea, and one that a lot of the Archie Comics fans noticed! Lili Reinhart pulls off a Betty Cooper with cracks in that perfect facade convincingly and Betty’s “soulmate”, Veronica Lodge is played well , a fresh rendition of the classic which gives off the Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl anyone?) vibes that we’ve come to expect.Another highlight of the cast and characters is the moderate diversity and LGBT+ representation. The first few episodes don’t have just one of each of the aforementioned groups, hurriedly cast, simply to satiate the sensitive public.
Coming to the TV show itself, it’s amazing. It’s shot very well, the characters stay true, in their essence, to their comic counterparts we’re all familiar with, and the plot itself is undoubtedly gripping. Riverdale as a TV Show is a must watch for everyone who loves high school teenage drama with a splash of murder mystery. It is best not to watch this TV show with expectations in terms of the lighthearted original comics we’ve all known. Whether or not the writing is brilliant (it does seem to be so far), only the upcoming season (and subsequent episodes) will tell.
 Check out the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XmFTADupMc

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