Must Watch Fantasy TV Shows

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There is something supremely soothing about watching TV shows. The best kind are fantasy shows, a great way of escaping (procrastinating, in my case) the problems of real life such as deadlines, tests and responsibilities. For everyone who loves their shows to be a little out of the ordinary, or even those who don’t really watch TV shows, the following shows are a great way to pass the time.

1. Supernatural

Supernatural is a well-made, seasoned salad, containing just the right mixture of horror, humor and emotion. Presently running on it’s 12th season and already having had an early renewal for it’s 13th season, the show is a delight to those who love to binge-watch. Twelve seasons worth of time to expend

S largely deals with folktales, urban legends and Biblical characters, while narrating the story of two hunter-brothers as the journey to quell the paranormal and incidentally, the supernatural. The characters are well-developed and dynamic, but remain true to the core of their characteristic.

With progress in this fantasy series, there is a distinct increase in experimentation with the story-format and the way episodes are made. The highlight of this experiment being breaking of the fourth wall. One notable aspect of the show is that the cast and crew is very interactive with their fans, which enables them to sense what fans would like to watch (they have, of course, made some mistaken interpretations).

The emotional quotient remains consistent throughout this fantasy series, in sync with the highs and lows in the boys’ lives. Characters come and go (sometimes leaving behind devastation in their wake), and amazingly enough, even the villains (a.k.a Lucifer) become loveable after a while.

And what’s more, the Supernatural fandom has the largest online presence. Feeling alone in your fandom? Join Tumblr; they’ll guide you through the deaths of your characters!

2. Once Upon a Time

Everyone loves a classic, especially a reinterpreted classic. Once Upon a Time weaves the stories of classic fairytale characters seamlessly, making them all seem like part of a greater novel.

Once Upon A Time begins with the hardened protagonist, Emma, daughter of Snow White, who having grown up in the world as we know today, doesn’t believe in magic. With progress in Once Upon A Time, characters from timeless classics come to life, all of them related to each other.

Once Upon A Time is a great watch for someone who already knows all the stories that are retold in the series. It’s an amazing feeling to watch the show while being able to draw parallels to stories that we’ve read as children.

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Once Upon A Time is an incredible tale of love, hope and redemption, all set in a small town in Maine, USA, called Storybrooke. The characters of the show are given a humane treatment, and there is no true evil or true good, although some or more flawed than the others.

Brilliantly written, Once Upon A Time is for those who love feeling warm and fuzzy.

3. Lucifer

Everybody loves Luci.

The show portrays Lucifer as a misunderstood man (or devil for that matter), whose only crime was to question his father (who happens to be God). And like the typical father we so often hear about, God throws his rebellious son out of the house and hands the reigns of hell over to him, a form of punishment. Lucifer, bored in hell and decides to go to Los Angeles to help solve crimes; simply put, that’s what the show is about. Lucifer is a handsome devil, who makes no attempt to hide his identity; us non-believing humans of course, don’t believe him.

A very interesting line on Lucifer was “… why must I take orders from someone who is not even around!”, said by a drunk Lucifer to his angelic brother as the latter delivers an ultimatum from God. Lucifer’s woe is completely justified of course, and made me wonder if that’s what religion today has come to.

Aside from the between-the-lines message that Lucifer seems to spew, that characters are just the right mixture of strength, wit and emotion.

Lucifer is for every non-religious person out there, and also the cynics, who would rather enjoy the quirky not-so-evil Lucifer.

4. Game of Thrones

Last but not the least, Game of Thrones is an intricate medieval set-up revolving around the politics between noble houses. It is set to take place in two fictional continents and is based on a series of books by George R. R. Martin.

There are innumerable characters, not one of them perfect and all of them given a humane treatment, flawed. The brilliant plot in Game of Thrones, which contains of parallel story arcs happening across two continents, is very obviously converging to a common point (a point much awaited by fans), wherein all the seemingly unrelated characters meet.

A commendable aspect of Game of Thrones is the realistic development of characters. None of them are static, and the development is stark, as some of them distinctly become battle hardened, while others start to soften their rigidly crass attitude. There is also constant timely juxtaposition of characters in Game of Thrones, the understanding of which becomes crucial to the plot.

What is interesting in Game of Thrones, is all the issues it addresses, including slavery, politics, corruption, love, rebellion, justice, treachery and so many others that are issues commonly dealt with on a daily basis.

Game of Thrones will interest anyone who loves intricate plots, but it is not for the weak hearted; people drop dead in the show like flies, seemingly unnecessarily.

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