Why Everyone Should Have Dogs Instead of Kids :D

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By: Diya Sanghani

Wonder why you hate it when someone walks slowly in front of you but you don’t mind your dog sniffing and starring at everything; When you meet a new baby, you smile and say “AWW,” but when you meet a new pup, you squeal, jump up and down, and spew out unintelligible words of affection? We’ll tell you why…

1. Dogs never crib and make a fuss about food. In fact they don’t mind eating the same food every day.

Source : Dogster

2. They’re always excited to see you even if it’s in intervals of 10 minutes.

Source: Know Your Meme

3. However old they are, you can openly show them affection.

Source: Husky Lovers

4. Dogs are a more economical source of love and don’t constantly ask for money.

Source: Pets- The Nest

5. These little bundles of joy are on top of the world with the simplest of things like a ball or a game of tug of war.

Source: Youtube

6. Unlimited love and poop. On this note, dogs are home and potty trained faster than kids!

Source: Drs. Foster and Smith

7. Let’s face it, no labour pains so the more the merrier.

Source: Pinterest

8. Holding a baby is a struggle, snuggling a puppy isn’t.

Source: BuzzFeed

9. Their baby pictures will always be cuter than any baby’s pictures.

Source: Husky Lovers

10. You have a long list of possible dog names, but are stumped when somebody asks what you’d name your child.

Source: MyDogsName

11. You never want puppies to grow up, but you really wish babies would.

Source: SpoiledNYC


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