The Best Beverages in Pune!

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By: Rebecca Ann Menezes

It’s getting to be that time again in Pune, when the weather is moodier than Taylor Swift before an album release. Yellow Tabs thought we’d bring you the ultimate list of any-time beverages in Pune, so that no matter what the sky’s feeling, your tummy and mouth are never blue!

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1. Super Store Dark Chocolate Milkshake

I don’t know what magic they use to make this, but it is absolute heaven and if I didn’t have you at Chocolate, keep scrolling bruh.

2. Café Peter Donuts Oreo Milkshake

I often find Oreo milkshakes to be safe ground, but some places end up screwing even this up! Peter Donuts, however, concocts the perfect blend of oreo, not too thick and not too thin. You’ll be saying YASS with every sip!

3. Manmauji Café Watermelon Ice Tea and Tiramisu Latte

No no, not watermelon syrup, but FRESH watermelon. If that doesn’t entice you I don’t know what will! In addition, if you’ve ever craved a Starbucks-style White Chocolate Mocha Latte, the Tiramisu Latte at Manmauji is the beverage for you!

4. Effingüt Brewerkz Apple Cider Beer

I was not a beer person before Wednesdays at Effingut. This Apple Cider Beer will convert anyone who’s ever said, “I legit cannot with beer!” Legit, think again.

5. Hot Chocolate at Where Else Café & Bar

Take it from a fellow chocolatier: THIS. IS. GOOD. You can choose your consistency and how dark you like your chocolate here, as they strive to give it to you just how you like it. One sip of this, and you’ll be having recurring withdrawal symptoms!

6. Brownie Shake and Banana Strawberry Shake at Café Milano 

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Two words: Brownie Pieces. And as for the Shake, it’s fresh as a daisy and a party in your mouth!

7. Cold coffee and Filter Coffee at UpSouth

Whether you like your coffee hot or cold, UpSouth is the place for you. Served in steel glasses and katories, this economical and true-to-the-south beverage will have you hooked!

8. Piña Colada at Malaka Spice

The perfect mix of Coconut and Pineapple, whether alcoholic or not, this drink is on point in oh so many ways.

9. Horny Shake at Perks N Brews

Hazelnut Chocolate + Snickers + Mars + Brownie Pieces = Happy Me!

10. Passion Fruit Mojito at Swig Bar and Eatery

*Thinks of passion fruit mojito* *Does Imagine Dragons’ Radioactive inhale and exhale* ‘Nuf said.


Okay, I’m done, I need a drink!

Budget Meal Options For Students: Viman Edition

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Food is possibly what most students spend MOST of their money on. And how can they not? With the wide array of options, different cuisines and varied restaurants. But what about the end of the month? When you’re broke af and need decent food? Here’s a list of budget meal options around Viman for when you’re too poor for anything else. Although inexpensive, these budget meal options are amongst the tastiest food available in Viman. You might just find yourself frequenting these restaurants even otherwise. 😉

budget meal

courtesy: Tumblr

Rasoi Segdi

More in Sainik nagar than Viman nagar, Rasoi Segdi is your ultimate budget meal experience. One plate of jeera aloo and roti or rice would set you back by Rs. 120 at most. Alternatively, you could opt for their mini thalis (priced at 50/plate), or stuffed parathas (priced at 40/paratha). The best part is that they have separate breakfast menus (available at a particular time). They also have a decent range of Indo-Chinese fare ranging from hakka noodles to manchow soup. With delicious food and a dhaba like ambience, Rasoi Segdi is perfect for you’re too broke to afford anything else but still crave warm, delicious, fresh Indian food.


Punjabi Aunty’s Stall

A stone’s throw away from Khalsa Dairy, this small foodtruck is run by a friendly aunty. Though it’s no restaurant and your seating options are limited to sharing a standing table, it’s one of the best budget meal options. The menu comprises traditional home cooked Punjabi food such as Sarson ka Saag, Dal Makhni rice, and Chole Bhature. The best part? The entire menu is priced between Rs.50-70. Although the menu is limited to a few items, the delicious food in insane quantities more than compensates for it. The food is piping hot, fresh, and as homemade as it gets. Perfect budget meal option. Wrap up this meal with dessert from Baker’s Brown; deliciously gooey Choco Lava cake at Rs. 40. An entire tasty meal in exactly 100 or lesser.


Paratha Place

Your one stop answer to any kind of paratha craving. While it is slightly pricier than the other 2 options, it is well worth it. As the name implies, the best thing on their menu is their parathas. You can either pick something straight off the menu or customize your own parathas with their wide range of exotic ingredients like cheese, olives, and jalapenos.  The portions of the parathas are absolutely filling, if not in excess. You can also opt for a larger portion; the monster XL paratha. All in all, the Paratha Place is easily one of the best budget meal options for the broke student. With so many variations, you can never get bored!

Make sure to try the veg keema paratha and the mexican wave paratha for a bit of variety!


So there you go! The next time you’re broke, know that you don’t have to live on maggi and cutting chai until the money comes. 😉

Try out these places and let us know in the comments below, what are YOUR go to broke budget meal options!



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Best Restaurants For Your Next Romantic Dinner Date!

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Let’s face it- it’s not easy being a student on a budget and going out for fancy dinner dates with your significant other! The perfect romantic dinner date is a blend of ambience, cuisine, service, and of course company. While we can’t help you with the latter, we sure can help you pick the best restaurant for a cosy romantic night out with your special person. Here’s a list of the best restaurants around Viman Nagar for your next romantic dinner date, without burning a hole in your wallet;


  1. 1. Sauteed Stories, Koregaon Park

With an average rating of 4.2 stars on Zomato, Sauteed Stories in Koregaon Park is our number one restaurant choice for a romantic dinner date. A cosy restaurant right on the main road, it is dimly lit with aesthetic decor, and absolutely delicious and tasty food. While the service is non intrusive, the cuisine of this restaurant is mostly restricted to Italian and Continental. The average price for 2 is around INR 800. What makes Sauteed Stories great for a quiet romantic dinner date (apart from the reasonable average price for 2) is the ambience; mellow music, dim lights, and well planned seating. So the next time you’re in the mood for some romance, head over to Sauteed Stories in Koregaon Park for great salted caramel shakes, tasty 4 cheese pizzas, and a cosy dinner date.

P.S: End your romantic night out with dessert (Fro yo!) from Menchies, right around the corner in Koregaon Park!


  1. 2. Prem’s

One of the oldest and most romantic restaurants in Koregaon Park (close enough to Viman Nagar!), Prem’s’s legacy precedes itself. With a plethora of cuisines ranging from North Indian, Chinese, to Continental, it comes as no surprise that Prem’s average rating of 4.0 stars on Zomato is well deserved. With an extensive bar menu, you can always add some alcohol to the romance on your dinner date. (Check out their bar menu:

The accomodating service and ambience of Prem’s is perfect for a cosy romantic date, with candlelight dinners and dim lighting. The average price for two is around INR 1300 (courtesy: Zomato). Unlike many other restaurants in and around Viman Nagar, Prem’s is quite old, dating back to being the previous generation’s first choice for their romantic dinner dates!

P.S: Don’t forget to rate it on Zomato after your romantic night out, you’ll understand what the rave reviews are all about.


  1. 3. Arthur’s Theme

A cosy brightly lit restaurant in Koregaon Park, Arthur’s Theme’s has a  4.4 star average rating on Zomato. Serving traditional European fare, the cuisine might not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, the entire meal is an experience in itself, perfect to share with your romantic dinner date; right from choosing a dish of the menu, to enjoying the experimental cuisine, to the tasteful decor. The average price for two is steep, around INR 1300 (courtesy: zomato), the courteous service and delicious cuisine make up for it. Arthur’s Theme might not be your conventional restaurant for a romantic dinner date with your boyfriend or girlfriend (especially in Koregaon Park), but the ambience is accomodating to whatever mood you want to set, especially romance.  Arthur’s Theme is an experience and what better way to spend a romantic night out with your boyfriend or girlfriend than experience this together? If you’re still not convinced, check out the reviews on Zomato!


  1. 4. Shisha Cafe

Located in ABC Farms in Koregaon Park, near Mundhwa, Shisha Cafe enjoys a 4.2 stars rating on Zomato. Perfect for a romantic dinner date with candlelight dinners, dim lighting, and cosy seating arrangements, Shisha Cafe really knows how to set the mood for some romance. With an extensive Indian cuisine menu, live music, and hookah, this restaurant has a lot to offer for a romantic night out with your boyfriend or girlfriend. The ambience and the service more than make up for the steep pricing; average price for 2 is around INR 2000 w/ alcohol. Shisha Cafe is a splurge, but one that’s worth every penny. Save up and turn up the romance on your next dinner date!


Since we’ve solved the problem of where you should go for your next romantic dinner date with your boyfriend/girlfriend, maybe you could move on to the actual romance part of it? 😉

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Best Hangover Brunches in and around Viman Nagar

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Let’s face it. We’ve all been there; woken up groggy, hungry, cranky, and worst of all completely hungover! Whether you’re living in a hostel/PG or in your apartment, making food in such *dire* circumstances is a complete no-no. So here’s a list of 5 places in and around Viman Nagar where you can get your fix, for food atleast. Pop an aspirin for that raging headache, before you head out to brunch.


1. Where Else Cafe 

Every breakfast or brunch list, especially in Viman Nagar, is incomplete without the mention of Where Else Cafe. Ideally located at Dutt Mandir Chowk, it’s a stone’s throw away from most housing societies near the Viman Nagar Symbiosis campus. Apart from this, the laid back atmosphere, the catchy music at a decibel conducive for conversations, and their cute cats make this a perfect choice for a lazy morning. Props for their ‘Symbi Breakfast Menu’ that gives you a fair deal for different budgets and good quality continental bru.n

Photo Courtesy: The very talented Swaraj//


2. Cafe Colombia

Tucked away in Kalyani Nagar, Cafe Colombia’s all day breakfast menu offers good and tasty value for money. With customisable freshly brewed iced tea, eggs made to order, generously buttered toast, crispy hash browns, pancakes and waffles topped with a range of delectable sauces- it is hard to go wrong, especially for hangover cravings! The casual outdoor seating, light jazzy music, and the ever smiling, friendly host only add to the charm.

Photo Courtesy:

3. The Flour Works

Another gem in Kalyani Nagar, Flour Works isn’t your traditional brunch restaurant. Known for it’s all day dining menu, extensive bakery, and cute outdoor layout, The Flour Works has a lot to offer! With a variety of options on the menu, it’s easy to get confused. While the crepes and coffee recieve rave reviews across all audiences, the simple creamy mushroom pasta is a delight; filled with mushrooms and white sauce, it is a meal in itself. Where Flour Works scores brownie points is their mouth watering range of desserts, perfect for your sugary cravings, and the end to a satisfying hangover brunch.

Photo Courtesy: Style Chutney

4. Irani Cafe

Sometimes you wake up and realise that you spent more than you anticipated the previous night. Or your stomach just can’t process “fancy” food. Fret not, Irani Cafe is the perfect solution for either or both of these situations; the perfect answer for every hangover brunch. An entire meal of bun maska, masala chai, and chicken keema would not cost you more than a hundred bucks. Not only is it cost effective, it is easy on your tastebuds too. So the next time you’re hungover, hungry, AND broke, you know just where to grab breakfast, brunch, lunch, or whatever meal it is when you finally wake up.


5. Sambar 

A quick service south Indian restaurant, Sambar is ideal for a cheap, no fuss ‘brunch’. Your best bet for a hangover cure would be a plate of steaming idlis and a piping hot cup of filter coffee. If it’s grease you’re looking for, Sambar’s range of dosas will leave you satiated. If south Indian breakfast is not your scene, then you could try to calm your hungover stomach with a soothing plate of curd rice, served with papad, and pickle for taste and a glass of lime soda, to help with any remnants of nausea. Although not the first, second, or even 10th choice, Sambar is a cheap option for the worst of your hangover meals.


Two Night Stand

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Ordinarily, most of us look for a way to escape Vimannagar in search of pubs and restaurants in the more ‘happening’ parts of the city like Koregaon Park and NIBM. Why not explore alternatives closer to home? To all you ladies out there, Double Roti and WTF are waiting to make your weekdays as exciting as your weekends!




On Tuesday nights Double Roti at Sky Max Mall, welcomes women with an open bar! Unlimited fun and martinis: Green Apple, Cranberry, Watermelon and Lychee add to the flavour of the evening. Couple this with some BBQ Buffalo Wings and Cheese fries and you’ve got yourself one spicy night. The restaurant’s open and lively atmosphere, up-beat playlist and great service make Double Roti the perfect confidante for the night.


                          Photo from:

Thirsty for more? Continue to party on Wednesday with yet another beau! WTF (I.e. Where’s the Food not the other sense of the phrase apparently), offers a wide variety of alcoholic concoctions to suit all the personalities of you beauties! Red Beauty, Black Beauty, Blue Mist and Caprioskas will keep you up all night, wanting more. This pub/restaurant located in Phoenix Market City Mall, East Block makes you want to kick your heels off and get on the dance floor. If you’re looking to spend the night seated however, their wide variety of starters and mains will give you an equally great buzz.

Trifled with intoxication two nights in a row, if you’re still looking for a night cap. Go Home Girl, You’re Drunk.

Photo from: https://s-media-cache


Until next week. 😉

Diya Sanghani and Rebecca Menezes.

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