Budget Meal Options For Students: Viman Edition

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Food is possibly what most students spend MOST of their money on. And how can they not? With the wide array of options, different cuisines and varied restaurants. But what about the end of the month? When you’re broke af and need decent food? Here’s a list of budget meal options around Viman for when you’re too poor for anything else. Although inexpensive, these budget meal options are amongst the tastiest food available in Viman. You might just find yourself frequenting these restaurants even otherwise. 😉

budget meal

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Rasoi Segdi

More in Sainik nagar than Viman nagar, Rasoi Segdi is your ultimate budget meal experience. One plate of jeera aloo and roti or rice would set you back by Rs. 120 at most. Alternatively, you could opt for their mini thalis (priced at 50/plate), or stuffed parathas (priced at 40/paratha). The best part is that they have separate breakfast menus (available at a particular time). They also have a decent range of Indo-Chinese fare ranging from hakka noodles to manchow soup. With delicious food and a dhaba like ambience, Rasoi Segdi is perfect for you’re too broke to afford anything else but still crave warm, delicious, fresh Indian food.


Punjabi Aunty’s Stall

A stone’s throw away from Khalsa Dairy, this small foodtruck is run by a friendly aunty. Though it’s no restaurant and your seating options are limited to sharing a standing table, it’s one of the best budget meal options. The menu comprises traditional home cooked Punjabi food such as Sarson ka Saag, Dal Makhni rice, and Chole Bhature. The best part? The entire menu is priced between Rs.50-70. Although the menu is limited to a few items, the delicious food in insane quantities more than compensates for it. The food is piping hot, fresh, and as homemade as it gets. Perfect budget meal option. Wrap up this meal with dessert from Baker’s Brown; deliciously gooey Choco Lava cake at Rs. 40. An entire tasty meal in exactly 100 or lesser.


Paratha Place

Your one stop answer to any kind of paratha craving. While it is slightly pricier than the other 2 options, it is well worth it. As the name implies, the best thing on their menu is their parathas. You can either pick something straight off the menu or customize your own parathas with their wide range of exotic ingredients like cheese, olives, and jalapenos.  The portions of the parathas are absolutely filling, if not in excess. You can also opt for a larger portion; the monster XL paratha. All in all, the Paratha Place is easily one of the best budget meal options for the broke student. With so many variations, you can never get bored!

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Make sure to try the veg keema paratha and the mexican wave paratha for a bit of variety!


So there you go! The next time you’re broke, know that you don’t have to live on maggi and cutting chai until the money comes. 😉

Try out these places and let us know in the comments below, what are YOUR go to broke budget meal options!



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DIY: Baking Soda Hacks For Your Beauty Routine!

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We all know the benefits of using natural homemade products as compared to commercial products filled with chemicals. However, most of us overlook the benefits of certain household ingredients, like baking soda! With a variety of uses, it is easily adaptable to different facets of your beauty routine. Baking soda has surprising uses for your skin, hair, body, and overall beauty. With these natural homemade remedies, all you need are a few basic ingredients to revamp your skin and hair care routine!

Baking Soda

Courtesy: Eliza.lt

Baking Soda Hair Clarifier:

We use so many products in our hair, every single day. Despite intensive shampooing, product build up is hard to get rid of. This is where baking soda is useful; just add a tablespoon to your regular shampoo and lather and rinse! The alkaline nature of baking soda will help break down the product build up in your scalp. While baking soda will help revive your limp locks, an excess will dry your hair out. Use this DIY natural homemade mixture of baking soda and shampoo once a week to keep your hair shiny and squeaky clean.


Oatmeal Foot Scrub:

Baking soda is very useful to help exfoliate your sore feet after a long day. For this DIY home remedy foot scrub, grind 4 cups of oatmeal to a coarse consistency. Next, add 3-4 tablespoons of baking soda and 3 cups of milk. The oatmeal helps scrub away dead skin, while the baking soda is useful in deep cleansing your pores effectively. The milk helps keep your feet baby soft and effectively removes dead skin.

Mix until a paste like consistency is achieved. Apply on your feet, especially around your heels. You can add some essential oils like lavender for a more relaxing effect. This baking soda footscrub should be used twice a week for best results i.e. silky smooth, baby soft feet.

Teeth Whitener:

Yellowing teeth is everyone’s worst nightmare! After all, everybody wants pearly white smiles as seen on TV. While teeth whitening procedures are extremely expensive and often tedious, a simple DIY home remedy with baking soda can work wonders. All you need for this natural home remedy is a tablespoon of baking soda mixed with 2-3 tablespoons of lime juice. Mix and apply evenly on your teeth. Rinse and repeat. Apply this paste for 3-4 weeks for best results and shiny white teeth!


Bad breath is a big no-no! Commercial mouth washes although useful, often contain high quantities of alcohol and dry out your mouth. A quick DIY home remedy for bad breath is a simple baking soda mouthwash. Simply add 2 tablespoons of baking soda to a glass of warm water. For an additional kick, add a few drops of peppermint oil. Rinse your mouth twice a day with this DIY mouthwash for fresh minty breath, always!

So there you go! Hope you found different uses for this humble kitchen ingredient. Comment below if you have any additional uses, hacks, or DIY recipies!

DIY : All Natural Dry Shampoo For Greasy Hair!

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Does your hair become greasy within a day or two of you washing it? Are you forced to wash your oily and limp hair frequently? Have you tried millions of chemical based products to no avail? We’ve got a solution: all natural dry shampoo!

Dry Shampoo


Many people scorn at dry shampoo because they think it doesn’t make your oily, greasy, limp hair actually feel clean. However, dry shampoo is the best alternative to both not washing your hair and overwashing your hair. While not washing your hair will leave it limp, dirty, and smelly, overwashing your hair will leave it dry and damaged. Plus, overwashing strips your hair of natural oils that cause your scalp to secrete MORE natural oils, leaving your hair more oily, greasy, and dirty. Although commercial dry shampoos can help reduce hair washes, they are filled with explosive chemicals that are damaging to your hair in the long run. Plus, they cost a bomb!

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how you can make your own dry shampoo, right at home, with a few ingredients!

For this DIY dry shampoo, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Organic Cornstarch Powder: This will help absorb the excess natural oils in your scalp and hair that is making your hair greasy. Alternatively, you can also use ground up oatmeal or arrowroot powder to the same end. However, cornstarch powder is the easiest to procure and the cheapest option!
    Buy it here: https://goo.gl/nZv2hC
  • Unsweetened Cocoa Powder: For darker hair colours, the brown tinge of the unsweetened cocoa powder will help mask the white cornstarch powder (making your hair look like it has dandruff). However, make sure it is unsweetend cocoa powder, sweetened cocoa powder would make your already greasy hair a sticky mess!
    Buy it here: 
  • Essential Oils: A few drops of your favourite essential oil (vanilla or lavender work great!) for the fragrance and to help the ingredients bind together.
    Buy it here
    : https://goo.gl/y79h8W


Mix one cup of the cornstarch powder, 1/2 a cup of the unsweetened cocoa powder, and a few drops of your favourite essential oil in a mixing bowl. The consistency of the dry shampoo should be powdery; you can apply it directly to the roots of your hair using a make-up brush. For best results, apply this homemade dry shampoo before bed to the greasy parts of your hair, to allow it to settle.


With regular usage, your hair will become less oily and greasy in between washes. This is because you are not stripping your hair of natural oils frequently. Therefore, your scalp will start producing lesser quantities of these natural oils, leaving your hair bouncier and healthier.


With this homemade natural dry shampoo, say goodbye to greasy, limp, and oily hair!



Check out this video!



Why I Love The Wire: TV Show Review.

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I started watching The Wire about six months ago. I was told that it possibly is the best TV show one could come across. Armed with this knowledge, I took a three-month plunge into it and found myself a much better man at the end of the 5 phenomenal seasons of this TV Show.


The Wire talks about the city of Baltimore, which is rife with issues. It has a total of five seasons, each focusing on a pertinent issue- drugs, the seaport, government, education system, and the print media. Each episode is a healthy 42 minutes and every season is packed with content.

Throughout the TV show, in the various seasons and episodes, there is minimal background music. This TV show relies on natural background sounds to fill the void- when it’s not being barraged by bullets and expletives.

With this TV show, soon enough, the viewer realises that the TV show itself does not have any characters as conventional hero or villain- the protagonist does some pretty ugly things in most episodes. The “baddies” or villains have characters that often introspect and ask themselves whether what they’re doing is actually worth it, and try to resolve other issues in their own way. The recurring pattern throughout the 5 seasons is that the fault is in the system- however much a single person (or a bunch of them) try to change the system, they can’t.

Oh, in every season, the lead hero/protagonist character is also an alcoholic who always crosses the wrong people, but is smart. Every episode of each season is packed with entertainment.

The TV show is acted out brilliantly- shoutout to the characters of Omar Little, Cedric Daniels, and Bubbles. In season four and season five of this TV show, in most of the episodes, some of the detectives and journalists characters act as themselves, which just adds to the TV show.

The real winner  is the writing. Each character has been so elaborately written, in every episode of all 5 seasons. The character of Omar has to be the most well-written character in the history of Tv Shows. (Sorry, Tony Soprano and Walter White.) The scenes have been set appropriately, and no scene seems unnecessarily drawn-out. Case in point, in this one episode, there’s a scene in which the character Bunk Moreland and heartthrob character McNulty solve a case by saying nothing but the word “fuck”. It lasts in excess of four minutes, and you don’t need to follow the story to notice the Tv Show’s innate brilliance.

The Wire — Fuck (01×04) — YouTube

However, the TV show is held back by it’s strongest facet- the dialogues. Since majority of the characters are African-American, their conversations are often esoteric in nature, and require a heavy dependence on subtitles for reference. However, this keeps the realism of the Baltimore projects alive throughout every episode of the five seasons of the TV show.

Barack Obama calls it his favourite TV show, even over House of Cards. TIME, Slate and The Guardian have named it as the best TV show ever. Harvard and John Hopkins offer courses in sociology and filmmaking based on the TV show and certain episodes.






Shashwat Mohanty writes on his favorite TV Show: The Wire. Originally posted on Medium: https://medium.com/@mohantee/the-wire-dfc4c34af1af#.ju7bepqud


Riverdale: An Archie Comics Adaptation (2017)

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The town of Riverdale brings back memories from childhood… well, CW’s adaptation of Riverdale from the memorable Archie Comics is a whole new kind of Teenage Drama. It grips you right from the first episode. Definitely a must watch teenage drama tv show!
Riverdale has been one of the most awaited show this year and the first season is finally out. It brings to life all the lovable characters: Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Cheryl Blossom, Jason Blossom (er, sort of), Reggie, Moose and all the parents. There is, of course, a Dahl-esque twist to this must watch TV show that sets it apart from the original; the characters in the episodes are a shade or two or three or more, in some cases (no one’s reached upto fifty yet…) darker than the characters in the comics.
Twenty-five minutes into the TV show (in the 1st episode itself!)  and it is established that Betty Cooper’s mother Alice Cooper is an awful woman full of bitterness, Archie Andrews is indulging in some inappropriateness, Betty Cooper isn’t perfect, Veronica Lodge is nice, and Jughead is the only one with his head in place . And also that Fred Cooper and Hermione Lodge used to date, and she let him go for “the guy with more money” (ahem, Gossip Girl vibes anyone?). All in all, the characters (and cast) in Riverdale as a teenage drama TV show resemble the characters from the Archie Comics; definitely, a must watch teenage drama tv show!
KJ Apa as Archie Andrews and Cole Sprouse as Jughead are the highlights of the cast. KJ (as Archie Andrews) is a pleasing sight to the eye, perfectly carrying himself as a dark version of the goofball Archie. Replacing Jughead’s crown with a beanie was a great idea, and one that a lot of the Archie Comics fans noticed! Lili Reinhart pulls off a Betty Cooper with cracks in that perfect facade convincingly and Betty’s “soulmate”, Veronica Lodge is played well , a fresh rendition of the classic which gives off the Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl anyone?) vibes that we’ve come to expect.Another highlight of the cast and characters is the moderate diversity and LGBT+ representation. The first few episodes don’t have just one of each of the aforementioned groups, hurriedly cast, simply to satiate the sensitive public.
Coming to the TV show itself, it’s amazing. It’s shot very well, the characters stay true, in their essence, to their comic counterparts we’re all familiar with, and the plot itself is undoubtedly gripping. Riverdale as a TV Show is a must watch for everyone who loves high school teenage drama with a splash of murder mystery. It is best not to watch this TV show with expectations in terms of the lighthearted original comics we’ve all known. Whether or not the writing is brilliant (it does seem to be so far), only the upcoming season (and subsequent episodes) will tell.
 Check out the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XmFTADupMc

DIY: Natural Homemade Body Scrubs for Smooth Skin!


Waxing is a painful process that we suffer though every three weeks to achieve that silky smooth skin. Alas, if only shaving resulted in that! But don’t you worry; we have DIY natural Body Scrubs that will not only save you the big bucks but also keep hair removal an easy process! So leave the pain behind, ladies! Following are the natural body scrubs that you can use to keep your body hair free and avoid all the ingrown hair, pimples and burn patches.

  1. 1. Sugaring! (Sugar Body Scrubs)

Sugar it up! Remove hair from its root and never worry again! Mix together natural ingredients; Sugar, Honey, Lemon Juice, and Water to create a thick wax like paste.

Apply the gel to exfoliate the ingrown hair and keep your skin bump free. Wash off the gel and repeat the process at least 2 times a week to achieve the desired smooth results!


  1. 2. Honey – Lemon paste Body Scrub

Tired of getting that upper lip done every month? Have hair on your chin that you would just rather do away with? Use honey and lemon to remove unwanted facial hair!

Mix together 1 tablespoon of honey, ½ tablespoon of ground oatmeal and a few drops of lemon juice. Put this natural body scrub on your face like a mask for about 15 minutes and rinse it off. Repeat the same 3 times a week for a month for a complete hair removal session.


  1. 3. Salt and Coconut Body Scrub

Incredibly light smelling homemade body scrubs to keep your hair removal process feel like soft and easy! Mix together Coconut Oil, Salt and Lime Juice to create a white fluffy body scrub!

Apply it on your skin and scrub generously! Rinse off with water to get that silky smooth goodness! And the best part? It’s chemical free, all natural!


  1. 4. Coffee and Baking Soda Body Scrub

All hail baking soda! This particular body scrub works great to remove hair from all parts of your body (wink, wink). To keep your skin silky and smooth, and avoid all the ingrown hairs from excessive shaving use this body scrub. This homemade natural remedy removes hair from its root leaving you feeling like a goddess.

Mix together 1 tablespoon of baking soda, 1 tablespoon of coffee, 3 tablespoons of coconut oil and massage it on your skin.

Keep it on for 2 minutes and rinse it with water. Repeat every 2 weeks to keep your skin gliding smooth and make the process of hair removal easier.



Ladies, we’ve all been here.

Body Scrubs!


Best Restaurants For Your Next Romantic Dinner Date!

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Let’s face it- it’s not easy being a student on a budget and going out for fancy dinner dates with your significant other! The perfect romantic dinner date is a blend of ambience, cuisine, service, and of course company. While we can’t help you with the latter, we sure can help you pick the best restaurant for a cosy romantic night out with your special person. Here’s a list of the best restaurants around Viman Nagar for your next romantic dinner date, without burning a hole in your wallet;


  1. 1. Sauteed Stories, Koregaon Park

With an average rating of 4.2 stars on Zomato, Sauteed Stories in Koregaon Park is our number one restaurant choice for a romantic dinner date. A cosy restaurant right on the main road, it is dimly lit with aesthetic decor, and absolutely delicious and tasty food. While the service is non intrusive, the cuisine of this restaurant is mostly restricted to Italian and Continental. The average price for 2 is around INR 800. What makes Sauteed Stories great for a quiet romantic dinner date (apart from the reasonable average price for 2) is the ambience; mellow music, dim lights, and well planned seating. So the next time you’re in the mood for some romance, head over to Sauteed Stories in Koregaon Park for great salted caramel shakes, tasty 4 cheese pizzas, and a cosy dinner date.

P.S: End your romantic night out with dessert (Fro yo!) from Menchies, right around the corner in Koregaon Park!


  1. 2. Prem’s

One of the oldest and most romantic restaurants in Koregaon Park (close enough to Viman Nagar!), Prem’s’s legacy precedes itself. With a plethora of cuisines ranging from North Indian, Chinese, to Continental, it comes as no surprise that Prem’s average rating of 4.0 stars on Zomato is well deserved. With an extensive bar menu, you can always add some alcohol to the romance on your dinner date. (Check out their bar menu:https://www.zomato.com/pune/prems-koregaon-park/menu#tabtop)

The accomodating service and ambience of Prem’s is perfect for a cosy romantic date, with candlelight dinners and dim lighting. The average price for two is around INR 1300 (courtesy: Zomato). Unlike many other restaurants in and around Viman Nagar, Prem’s is quite old, dating back to being the previous generation’s first choice for their romantic dinner dates!

P.S: Don’t forget to rate it on Zomato after your romantic night out, you’ll understand what the rave reviews are all about.


  1. 3. Arthur’s Theme

A cosy brightly lit restaurant in Koregaon Park, Arthur’s Theme’s has a  4.4 star average rating on Zomato. Serving traditional European fare, the cuisine might not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, the entire meal is an experience in itself, perfect to share with your romantic dinner date; right from choosing a dish of the menu, to enjoying the experimental cuisine, to the tasteful decor. The average price for two is steep, around INR 1300 (courtesy: zomato), the courteous service and delicious cuisine make up for it. Arthur’s Theme might not be your conventional restaurant for a romantic dinner date with your boyfriend or girlfriend (especially in Koregaon Park), but the ambience is accomodating to whatever mood you want to set, especially romance.  Arthur’s Theme is an experience and what better way to spend a romantic night out with your boyfriend or girlfriend than experience this together? If you’re still not convinced, check out the reviews on Zomato!


  1. 4. Shisha Cafe

Located in ABC Farms in Koregaon Park, near Mundhwa, Shisha Cafe enjoys a 4.2 stars rating on Zomato. Perfect for a romantic dinner date with candlelight dinners, dim lighting, and cosy seating arrangements, Shisha Cafe really knows how to set the mood for some romance. With an extensive Indian cuisine menu, live music, and hookah, this restaurant has a lot to offer for a romantic night out with your boyfriend or girlfriend. The ambience and the service more than make up for the steep pricing; average price for 2 is around INR 2000 w/ alcohol. Shisha Cafe is a splurge, but one that’s worth every penny. Save up and turn up the romance on your next dinner date!


Since we’ve solved the problem of where you should go for your next romantic dinner date with your boyfriend/girlfriend, maybe you could move on to the actual romance part of it? 😉

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DIY: Homemade Face-Packs for Clear & Glowing Skin

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While the market for skincare is flooded with several products for clear and glowing skin, we often forget the ingredients at home that make for the best natural homemade face-packs. With a few basic ingredients, we can get glowing skin fast- naturally and at home! Read on to find out tips for clear skin at home.

Multani Mitti is the perfect ingredient for cleansing face-packs that give you clear and glowing skin naturally. It is rich in minerals and when applied to the skin in the form of a paste, it helps in improving circulation. It dries up slowly and becomes hard while absorbing the dead cells on the top of the skin and removing excess oil.  The best face-packs for natural clear and glowing skin are homemade Multani Mitti face-packs as they soak oil and dirt from the surface of your skin.

There are several homemade face-packs that you can experiment with for glowing skin. The best thing about natural face-packs containing ingredients like Multani Mitti, Turmeric, Neem etc. is that it is completely safe and works much faster than chemical products. Homemade face-packs make it very easy to get clear and glowing skin naturally.

You can make your own completely natural homemade face-pack with just a few ingredients such as Multani Mitti powder, Turmeric powder, and Curd. This homemade face-pack is particularly useful for getting clear skin naturally!

Homemade face-packs

Photo Courtesy: NDTV

homemade face-packs

Photo Courtesy: Beauty Glimpse

For this natural face-pack, add 1 tablespoon of multani mitti powder and a pinch of turmeric powder to a mixing bowl. It is important to be cautious with the turmeric powder as it has staining properties. Next, add 1-2 tablespoons of curd for consistency. Multani Mitti is known for aiding in clear skin, while Turmeric is often used in homemade face-packs for glowing skin. Curd helps bind the ingredients and is a natural cooling agent. For an extra kick, you can add a few drops of lemon juice to this face-pack. Lemon juice is an important ingredient for clear and glowing skin used in several natural face-packs.

Before applying any face-pack, even if it is natural and homemade, it is important to wash your face with warm water as this helps open up your facial pores. This allows the face-pack to be easily absorbed into your skin. Make sure you apply the face pack evenly on your face and neck. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes until it is completely dry. After washing it off, sometimes your skin may feel a bit dry. Apply honey or aloe vera gel and massage your face for 5 to 10 minutes. Finish off by washing with cold water. This is a completely natural face-pack and if regularly used, will give you clear and glowing skin very fast!

Since we use so many chemical products, it is often beneficial for us to use natural homemade remedies. Multani Mitti face-packs are natural, homemade, and help in clear skin instantly.


Also read our DIY Body scrubs here: http://www.yellowtabs.com/diy-body-scrubs-smooth-skin/

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Best Hangover Brunches in and around Viman Nagar

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Let’s face it. We’ve all been there; woken up groggy, hungry, cranky, and worst of all completely hungover! Whether you’re living in a hostel/PG or in your apartment, making food in such *dire* circumstances is a complete no-no. So here’s a list of 5 places in and around Viman Nagar where you can get your fix, for food atleast. Pop an aspirin for that raging headache, before you head out to brunch.


1. Where Else Cafe 

Every breakfast or brunch list, especially in Viman Nagar, is incomplete without the mention of Where Else Cafe. Ideally located at Dutt Mandir Chowk, it’s a stone’s throw away from most housing societies near the Viman Nagar Symbiosis campus. Apart from this, the laid back atmosphere, the catchy music at a decibel conducive for conversations, and their cute cats make this a perfect choice for a lazy morning. Props for their ‘Symbi Breakfast Menu’ that gives you a fair deal for different budgets and good quality continental bru.n

Photo Courtesy: The very talented Swaraj//www.instagram.com/swaraj_sriwastav


2. Cafe Colombia

Tucked away in Kalyani Nagar, Cafe Colombia’s all day breakfast menu offers good and tasty value for money. With customisable freshly brewed iced tea, eggs made to order, generously buttered toast, crispy hash browns, pancakes and waffles topped with a range of delectable sauces- it is hard to go wrong, especially for hangover cravings! The casual outdoor seating, light jazzy music, and the ever smiling, friendly host only add to the charm.

Photo Courtesy: Dineout.com

3. The Flour Works

Another gem in Kalyani Nagar, Flour Works isn’t your traditional brunch restaurant. Known for it’s all day dining menu, extensive bakery, and cute outdoor layout, The Flour Works has a lot to offer! With a variety of options on the menu, it’s easy to get confused. While the crepes and coffee recieve rave reviews across all audiences, the simple creamy mushroom pasta is a delight; filled with mushrooms and white sauce, it is a meal in itself. Where Flour Works scores brownie points is their mouth watering range of desserts, perfect for your sugary cravings, and the end to a satisfying hangover brunch.

Photo Courtesy: Style Chutney

4. Irani Cafe

Sometimes you wake up and realise that you spent more than you anticipated the previous night. Or your stomach just can’t process “fancy” food. Fret not, Irani Cafe is the perfect solution for either or both of these situations; the perfect answer for every hangover brunch. An entire meal of bun maska, masala chai, and chicken keema would not cost you more than a hundred bucks. Not only is it cost effective, it is easy on your tastebuds too. So the next time you’re hungover, hungry, AND broke, you know just where to grab breakfast, brunch, lunch, or whatever meal it is when you finally wake up.


5. Sambar 

A quick service south Indian restaurant, Sambar is ideal for a cheap, no fuss ‘brunch’. Your best bet for a hangover cure would be a plate of steaming idlis and a piping hot cup of filter coffee. If it’s grease you’re looking for, Sambar’s range of dosas will leave you satiated. If south Indian breakfast is not your scene, then you could try to calm your hungover stomach with a soothing plate of curd rice, served with papad, and pickle for taste and a glass of lime soda, to help with any remnants of nausea. Although not the first, second, or even 10th choice, Sambar is a cheap option for the worst of your hangover meals.